Mélanie Lefebvre

Mélanie Lefebvre

Mélanie Lefebvre is a graduate of the Faculty of Law at Université de Montréal. She joined Loranger Marcoux in 1999. During the course of her practice, she responds to a broad range of employment law and labour relations issues, serving clients in both public and private sectors. 

She assists clients in the strategic management of their files, provides counsel and represents clients before the administrative tribunals and the civil courts.

Mélanie specializes in health and safety in the workplace, particularly on issues pertaining to prevention, compensation and financing. She is a member of the Quebec Bar's Health and Safety Committee. 

Mélanie is consulted on complex issues relating to human rights and the use of personal information in the workplace. Throughout her career, she has provided counsel and legal opinions on these issues, and combines her experience and acute judgment to finding practical solutions to fulfil the duty of reasonable accommodation in cases where that arises.

Since 2001, Mélanie has provided counsel to employers on how best to interpret and apply provisions of the Pay Equity Act. She represents clients in resolving disputes, appears before the Labour Relations Board and develops strategies for the application of pay equity programs.

Some of our recent cases/implications:

Syndicat des employé(e)s du Centre communautaire juridique de l’Abitibi-Témiscamingue et al. v. Centre communautaire juridique de l’Abitibi-Témiscamingue et als and Commission des services juridiques, July 13, 2012 decision. Me Jean-Marie Lavoie (T.A). We represented several employers within the context of more than 180 complaints disputing the payment of outstanding wage adjustments and other remedial amounts pursuant to a collective agreement and the Pay Equity Act.

Corporation d’Urgences-Santé de la région de Montréal Métropolitain v. Syndicat des employés-e-s d’Urgences-Santé (CSN) and Commission de l’équité salariale, 2012 QCCRT 0443 (application for judicial review allowed. Application for leave to appeal filed). In this case, we filed an application pursuant to Article 104 of the Pay Equity Act on behalf of Corporation d’Urgences-Santé. The application challenged a decision of the Commission de l’équité salariale (Pay Equity Commission).

United Steelworkers of America , Local 9414 v. Terminal & Câbles TC inc., March 17, 2013, Me Nathalie Faucher (TA). We succeeded in having a complaint dismissed which dealt with the assessment of a position for the purpose of maintaining pay equity.

Le Groupe Jean Coutu (PJC) inc., CLP 351765-62-0806, January 11, 2010. We successfully obtained an employee transfer on the ground that the employer had been unjustly burdened.

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  • 22 / 03 / 13

    Posting under the Pay Equity Act: is it easily accessible for employees?

    This matter arose out of a decision rendered by the Commission de l’équité salariale (“C.é.s.”) allowing the complaint of an employee which alleged that the employer had not complied with the Pay Equity Act (« P.E.A. ») with respect to posting results of the evaluation of maintenance of pay equity. According to the C.é.s., the method of posting used by the employer during the course of the initial posting did not comply with Article 76.3 P.E.A., which provides inter alia that the posting has to be made “in prominent places easily accessible to employees”.

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