We are proud to announce that Catherine Chevrette, CIRC has joined Loranger Marcoux, as a Professional Human Resources Consultant.

Her expertise and vast experience will allow our firm to diversify the professional services we offer and allow us to support our clients even more closely in the day-to-day management of their businesses.

Indeed, with the support of her new colleagues, Catherine will continue to intervene with various employers by providing them with advice and tools to significantly improve the management of their human resources. To that end, she is accustomed to not only advising senior executives but, in addition, she assists managers in the planning and execution of their business strategies.

Catherine has specific expertise in staffing, training and development, management in unionized environments, benefits, compensation and occupational health and safety. She has also developed powerful tools to implement and maintain pay equity programs. In this regard, she has completed more than 200 of such programs, for companies of all sizes, in various sectors of economic activity.

Catherine has also developed a particular expertise in the management of work attendance and her advice on this subject is solicited virtually every day.

Catherine is regularly invited as a speaker or commentator at conferences relating to all human resource management issues.

We invite you to contact Catherine directly, at your convenience, at cchevrette@​lorangermarcoux.​com or (514) 8796277, for any question for which we may, collectively, be of assistance.