This article is a follow-up to the Pandemic (Coronavirus) Risk Management Guide we published last Tuesday, March 10, and to the press conference Premier Legault gave at noon today.

Here are the latest directives issued by the Government of Quebec: 

  • The Government of Quebec strongly recommends that any person working in the private sector who returns from abroad observe a period of voluntary isolation for fourteen (14) days following his or her return; 
  • This period of isolation is mandatory for public sector employees or persons working in the public and private health, education or child care sectors; 
  • Public sector employees covered by this measure will be paid according to their regular pay;
  • With respect to employees working in the private sector, the Government of Quebec will, in the coming days, announce financial measures to compensate for the inconveniences suffered as a result of complying with these measures; 
  • The Government of Quebec recommends the implementation of telework when the nature of the job allows it; 
  • Indoor public events of 250 people or more are cancelled. Consequently, employers should encourage employees to avoid any gatherings or assemblies. Regarding professional gatherings, attendance by technological means, when available, is recommended. 
  • The government also recommends that working hours be made more flexible in order to avoid too great a concentration of people on public transport.

We shall continue to closely follow all changes and will keep you informed of any developments as soon as possible.