Jean-Claude Turcotte

Jean-Claude Turcotte


Jean-Claude Turcotte is a graduate of University of Montreal and has been part of Loranger Marcoux since its inception in 1991. He practices in the principal areas of employment law and labour relations at both provincial and federal levels. 

Jean-Claude acts before administrative tribunals specializing in labour law and the civil courts. Throughout the years, Jean-Claude worked on questions related to the employer’s duty to reasonably accommodate in workplace environments and also acted as an investigator in cases of claims related to psychological harrassement at work.

He also acts as strategic adviser on human resource management issues during corporate reorganizations, mergers and acquisitions and regularly works with US and Canadian law firms representing clients who conduct business in Quebec.

He also sits on the subcommittee of the grievance arbitration working in the Comité consultatif du travail et de la main d’oeuvre which is mandated to ensure the nomination of grievance arbitrators and the renewal of their registration.

Jean-Claude also collaborates with the Conseil du Patronat du Québec in the course of sessions of the Work Relations committee adressing various subjects of interest for Quebec’s employers.