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Grievance Arbitration

Is the union opposing measures you have taken with respect to your employees? Do you want to settle an outstanding dispute concerning the interpretation of the collective agreement or file an employer grievance? No matter what issue is raised, we are there to advise employers at the pre-decision phase and throughout the grievance procedure

Our team of lawyers advises employers regarding the administration and interpretation of collective agreements, and represents management before grievance arbitrators during proceedings pursuant tothe Labour Code.

We also represent companies falling under federal jurisdiction who are governed by the Canada Labour Code.

These types of issues arise in various scenarios, such as:

  • The imposition of disciplinary and administrative measures, including employment termination, and assistance in the drafting of any documentation in support of such measures
  • Acquisition, merger and reorganization of businesses, including recourse to outsourcing 
  • Management and structuring of layoffs and collective dismissals;
  • Job posting and attribution
  • Drafting of agreements, last-chance agreements
  • Human rights and freedoms, duty to accommodate
  • Etc.

We also offer a range of in-house seminars related to each of these activities for our clients or in collaboration with a legal publisher.