Your Needs

Human Rights and Freedoms

You have questions or litigation concerning discrimination on grounds of a medical condition, handicap, sex, criminal record, religious beliefs, etc? 

We offer employers pro-active advice concerning human rights and the prohibition of discrimination in the workplace. 

Hiring practices

We advise employers on their rights in a range of practices, such as interviews, questionnaires or pre-hiring medical testing, psychometric tests, investigations regarding previous criminal convictions or credit records. 

During the employment relationship

We advise clients on any question related to rights and freedoms guaranteed under the Charter of human rights and freedoms, including potential employment termination scenarios, including: 

  • Freedom of association, particularly union activities;
  • Freedom of expression of the employer, unions and employees;
  • Right to privacy, particularly regarding the management of dress codes, drug and alcohol testing, use of cameras in the workplace, surveillance outside the workplace, access to medical information etc.;
  • Equality rights, discrimination and duty to accommodate;
  • Right to reputation and image of the employer and its representatives; 
  • Etc.


In cases of employee complaints, particularly in front of the Commission des droits de la personne et des droits de la jeunesse, we represent our clients no matter the tribunal which shall hear the dispute, such as administrative tribunals, the Tribunal des droits de la personne and courts of general jurisdiction.


We also offer our clients training seminars on each of these subjects.