Your Needs


Whether scouting for a rising star in your specialty or carrying out a massive hiring process, our team has a specific expertise in recruiting and management of resources which will allow you to meet these challenges, even where there are shortages of manpower. 

We are positioned to:

  • Develop strategies to attract and retain talent
  • Identify your needs and the requirements needed for vacant positions
  • Create a streamlined and efficient hiring process
  • Accompany you in the selection of the candidate to hire. Welcome and integrate the candidate in your organization. 

You can furthermore trust us to carry out the entire recruitment process. Our HR professionals are available to work in-house to assist you with such matters.

We also advise employers in order to ensure that the hiring process is free of illicit discrimination, whether at the time of interviews, questionnaires, pre-hiring medical testing, psychometric tests, or when verifying criminal records or credit records.