Our Team Is Happily Expanding

We are very proud to welcome Valérie Descôteaux, Orélie Landreville et Alexis Paquette-Trudeau to our team.

Our new colleagues are lawyers whose practice has always been exclusively devoted to labour relations and employment law. Their arrival contributes to our firm’s reputation for excellence, as well as maintaining the eminence of Loranger Marcoux as an essential business partner for any employer concerned with effectively managing its undertaking and ensuring strategic planning of its human resources. 

Orélie and Alexis benefit from cutting-edge expertise on various subjects, including but not limited to, the representation of employers before the administrative and common law tribunals. Active in the private sector, they are also renowned in the municipal world. As for Valérie, she recently completed her professional training, devoted exclusively to labour law, and her contributions, like that of our other young colleagues, allows our team to shine.

Their talent and expertise therefore strengthen our firm, which is already recognized for the high quality and the efficiency of its labour law legal services for the exclusive benefit of employers.

We invite you to communicate directly with them by clicking on their respective profiles: